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Show #10 How Much Traffic Before You Make Money On A Website?


On today’s show, I walk you through 3 of my websites revenue for the year. I give you an example of a small website (under 150 unique visitors per day), a medium sized website (under 500 unique visitors per day) and finally a large website that had 1.4M page views during 2017.

I talk about how much money I made on each website, and give you ideas on how much work was involved to get that revenue.

Then I give an update on my Private Label product I’m selling on Amazon. I have been running Pay Per Click (PPC) ads since I launched the product, and I give you my tips that I have worked on to reduce my ACOS from nearly 100% down to the low-teens.

Finally I give you some goals that I have for 2018 and some of the things I’ll be working on.

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Colin has been building websites for nearly 20 years. I started out creating websites about selling baseball cards. I've since created over 100 websites - some that have earned over 7 figures in income.


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