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Show #3 Retail/Online Arbitrage via Amazon FBA


Today will be my 1st podcast where I discuss my recent endeavor into Retail/Online arbitrage using Amazon FBA. I’ve had some really good success so far, and I discuss some of the things I’ve learned over the last 30 days.

These are the tools I’ve utilized:

Legal Zoom

FBA Scan


Here are some Amazon Specific things to keep in mind:

Professional Seller Account

Know the categories you can buy/not buy in

I discuss how I’ve used Wholesale vs Online vs Retail arbitrage.

I’ve done some cross listing onto eBay, but honestly it’s often been more trouble than it’s been worth.

I’ve encountered many problems, but keep in mind none have set me back:

Getting kicked off listing

Items being lost in warehouse

Overweight box

Buying gated merchandise

I give some very specific ideas on what to buy:


Back to school


If you want to learn more about retail arbitrage selling on Amazon – here are some more podcasts that I listen to:


The Amazing Seller Podcast

ecom Crew

Jason & Scot show

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