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Show #6 Why I’m Sourcing From The USA + Amazon RA/OA Update


On today’s Power Selling Radio podcast I update you on my August 2017 Amazon FBA sales. I also just placed my 1st private label product order of 500 units – and I decided to go with a manufacture located in the United States. I give you the reasons why I decided to go that route.

Here are my August 2017 Amazon FBA sales stats. This is exclusively retail/online/wholesale arbitrage. While I’m happy with these numbers, I’m going to transition mainly to wholesale & private label as we move into the holiday season.

$10,738.30 Sales
($311.91) Returns
$10,426.39 Net Sales

$4,701.75 COGS
$3,455.23 Amazon Fees
$328.95 Shipping To Amazon
$323.66 Other/Office Fees
$57.56 Recurring Software Fees

$1,559.24 Net Income

I’ve been in the planning/design stages of my 1st Amazon FBA private label product for about 30 days now. I finally popped the cherry and placed my first order for 500 units using a manufacture located in the United States (located only about 1hr 20mins from where I live).

I found a good list of United States manufactures using Thomasnet.com

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    • Val – great to hear from you and thank you! I sent you an invite to the brands Facebook page. There you will see my product/brand. I’m keeping it under wraps until I establish the brand – but will talk more specifically about it once I validate the sales or it flops. We’ll see what happens, finally got the 1st units sent in this week. Hope you are well.


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