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Show #7 Google Adwords Tips


Have you tried Google Adwords but didn’t have any success? Have you given up on using the most powerful traffic driver on the web? Today I walk you through my techniques I have used to buy over $250,000+ worth of ads over the last several years.

Today’s podcast will focus exclusively on text ads. First thing about a text ad that needs to draw the users attention is a good opening line. I like to ask a rhetorical question for my opening line. For example:

User types “hotels in Hawaii” in a Google search.

My title text line will be something like:

  • Looking For The Best Hotels In Hawaii?
  • Where Are The Best Hotels In Hawaii?

Getting the user to read your title text and saying “yes” is a sales tactic that has been around for ages. It also helps qualify the user who clicks on your ad – which should drive up your click-through-rate (CTR).

My tag-line, or the second line of text is often something that proclaims how great my website/content is or entices the reader to click. For example:

  • The #1 Hawaii Hotel Site With Real Reviews
  • Read My Personal Reviews Of Each Hotel!
  • Top 5 Best Hotels In Hawaii

Inside Google AdWords – you’ll want to test at least 4 ads when you start out. After you start noticing the ad with the best CTR and results …. start eliminating the ads that aren’t performing. At the same time, try to refine what is working to see if you can’t get better results. After a while you should narrow it down to about 2 ads that rotate based on the users search term.

After you start seeing how users convert on your website, start adjusting your bids based on device type. I often pay 2x – 3x+ for desktop (and tablet) traffic versus mobile traffic. However, if your site is converting really well for mobile, you might do the opposite. Use Google Analytics & different landing pages (with different affiliate/ad tracking) to judge what you ROI is and adjust your bids accordingly.

When you first start your campaign in Adwords you might notice that it’s hard to get your ads to run. Often times your quality score will be low – and you might be under the suggested first page bid. I would bid a bit higher than you really want to in order to get your ads to run. I’ve set up many campaigns where my quality score was low and I was paying $0.50+ per click. Those exact same campaigns now have 9/10 quality scores and I pay closer to $0.07 per click. In order to get Google’s algo to notice you – get the ads to run and adjust down over time.

Lastly keep testing & adjusting constantly. Once you feel like your conversions are dialed in – leave the campaign alone and transfer it to Bing/Yahoo to get even more traffic. You can also bid adjust for age/gender & location … which can drive up your conversions even more.

Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below.

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